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Hi everyone - Sarah Newton here, director of Mindjammer Press. Thank you for checking out our new webstore! You may know that our company has been in hiatus over the past year, while I've been dealing with the devastating death of my husband, Chris, co-director of Mindjammer Press, in August 2019. I was in no fit state to work for over 12 months, and during that period had basically no income. Even now, while we've ensured Mindjammer Press has maintained the capital it needs to fulfil its Kickstarter obligations, I personally have not been able to pay myself, waiting until the business is fully operational again.

Many of you have been so kind over the past year, and even recently you've asked me if there was a way you could help me out financially while I got back on my feet. That's why this "Donation Jar" is here. It's not a product per se - you won't receive any book or anything - but it's a way to send financial support to me personally, to help tide me over this final period of what's been a nightmare year. If you do make a donation, please consider putting a brief message in the "Special Instructions" box at checkout, and maybe include a contact email addie or Facebook Messenger ID if you'd like - I'd really like to thank you personally. The support you've given me over the past year has been so very precious, you've helped me get through some truly dark days, and I'm eternally grateful. I'm also delighted to be back at work and writing and producing our Mindjammer Press products for you - I hope you'll love the new core books, supplements, and adventures we've got coming your way!

Thank you all again for your kindness, generosity, and support. You've been a source of light and hope through difficult times.



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